The restaurant

    La Chevauchée takes its unusual name for a restaurant to its original purpose: an equestrian center. This building was built in 1971 on top of the village of Belfahy. During a decade at The Ride is organized horseback riding for riders relax, hike on several days in France and abroad. Walks around Belfahy enabled even inexperienced tourists riding experience the beauty of the site and the region.

La Chevauchée


The beautiful mural that adorns the gable of the restaurant La Chevauchée

    At the request of customers, we started to prepare snacks and bilberry pies. But, to make a good bilberry pie, pastry MUST be good ...  After many unsuccessful attempts, Theresa bake a delicious wild bilberry pie served warm and very sweet ... It was so successful that she still keep the secret, and more than 35 years later, this pie is always a treat for young and old greedies. For various family reasons La Chevauchée stopped the horse rides to dedicate himself to the restoration. Thus was born the restaurant La Chevauchée ...

La salle de La Chevauchée

The tables of the restaurant, ready to welcome greedies ...

    Not been practicing any cooking school and resolutely self-taught, we accepted the challenge to please gourmets. Thanks to the encouragement of customers and increasing numbers of requests, we are resigned to simmer in joy regional cuisine. Our motto :

we are pleased to cook,

    you are pleased to eat,

        We are made to meet us !












The restaurant La Chevauchée is happy to celebrate the passage of "Tour de France" by the "col des chevrères" in july 14.

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